The ADCNJ is now UDG!

The ADCNJ is now UDG!

The Art Directors Club of New Jersey (ADCNJ) has a new name

Recognizing the flattening of hierarchical structures and the declining use of titles
such as “art director,” the organization realized it needed to rebrand to better
reflect the shifting landscape of the design world. While the new name is
intended to convey inclusiveness and modernity, the choice of the term
“guild” is intended to stress the importance of craftsmanship. Though the tools
we use change over time, the demand for excellence remains constant.

Our new monthly events, such as our Drink & Draw Shadow of the City events,
and regional Workshops as well as our increased social presence, including
#TypeHuntNJ twitter photo activities, are designed to give the members of our
community more opportunities to interact and learn from one another.

The new name and logo were developed through a strategy-based positioning
and personality process. Our goal was to create a brand that is reflective of the
times and that speaks to the design world’s emerging talent while honoring our
long heritage. To that end, we didn’t stop with name and logo changes. We
instituted organizational changes, developed new programming, and made
connections with other mission-aligned organizations.

Founded in 1961, the ADCNJ was established to promote excellence in the field
of visual communications. Under the new name—United Design Guild—the
organization continues that mission.

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