Workshop: Five Steps to Bigger, Better Clients… With Less Stress

Workshop: Five Steps to Bigger, Better Clients… With Less Stress

You want more customers–and better customers. But it’s hard when you’re an entrepreneur wearing so many hats! How do you grow your business faster? And how can you boost your efficiency and reduce the stress of business development?Having mentored hundreds of businesses, Evan Horowitz knows how quickly you can have more of the clients you want. He’s discovered and mapped out the common traps that hold savvy entrepreneurs back. When you overcome these traps, you’ll dramatically increase the effectiveness of the precious time you spend on marketing.

If you’re ready for the number and quality of clients you want, with less stress, you won’t want to miss this workshop.

From this content-packed session, you’ll discover:

• The most common mistakes seasoned entrepreneurs make in looking for clients… and how to overcome each one.
• How to optimize your marketing efforts so you spend your time more efficiently.
• How to pinpoint the biggest sticking point in your personal business development process.


Evan Horowitz has helped countless entrepreneurs break the mold, and beat the odds to make a lot more money, while sleeping better. His clients are driven, successful people, who are running the biggest business they’ve ever run before. So of course they don’t know exactly where to head, or how to get there fastest.

Evan brings a diverse skillset: Harvard MBA, seasoned business manager (Macy’s, Samsung, Silicon Valley), entrepreneurial growth advisor with his own consulting firm, and human performance hacker with a revolutionary personal development program.

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